Selected articles by David Eagleman

What our brains can teach us. New York Times. 2013

Brain science key in the trial of alleged 'Batman' shooter. 2012

Four ways the Internet could go down. 2012

Peering Inside the Black Box. Wall Street Journal. 2012

The Moral of the Story. New York Times. 2012.

Ceaseless Reinvention Leads to Overlapping Solutions. Edge. 2012.

The Mystery of Expertise. The Week Magazine. 2011.

Your Brain Knows More Than you Realize. Discover Magazine. 2011.

Breivik's Brain. Published in The Independent (UK), NZZ am Sonntag (Switzerland), and Politiken (Denmark). 2011.

The Brain on Trial. The Atlantic Monthly. 2011. (Anthologized in America's Best Science and Nature Writing, 2012).

Turning our Minds to the Law. The Telegraph. 2011.

The Human Brain Runs on Conflict. Wired. 2011.

The Umwelt. Edge. 2011.

Six Ways the Internet Will Save Civilisation. Wired. 2010.

The Founding Mothers: An ode to my matriarchs, every last one.  Slate Magazine.  2010.

Why I Am a Possibilian. New Scientist. 2010.

Six Ways the Internet May Save Civilization. Edge. 2010.

Book review of Rebecca Goldstein's 36 Arguments for the Existence of GodBarnes and Noble Review. 2010.

America on Deadline.  New York Times.  2009.

Brain Time. In What's Next? Dispatches on the Future of Science. 2009.

Silicon Immortality: Downloading Consciousness into Computers. Edge. 2009.

Book review of Eva Hoffman's TimeTime Isn't What it Used to BeNew Scientist.

Neuroscience and the Law. Houston Lawyer. 2008.

Ten Unsolved Mysteries of the Brain.  Discover Magazine, cover story. 2007.

A Brief History of Deathswitches. Nature. 2006. 

Remembering a Trail Blazer - Francis Crick. UT-Houston Medicine Magazine. 2004

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Six ways the internet will save civilisation

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