"Eagleman is a true original. Read Sum and be amazed. Reread it and be reamazed." - Time Magazine

"SUM is terrific. The inventiveness, the clarity and wit of the prose, the calm air of moral understanding that pervades the whole thing, add up to something completely original." - Philip Pullman, author of The Golden Compass

"This delightful, thought-provoking little collection belongs to that category of strange, unclassifiable books that will haunt the reader long after the last page has been turned. It is full of tangential insights into the human condition and poetic thought experiments.... It is also full of touching moments and glorious wit of the sort one only hopes will be in copious supply on the other side." - Alexander McCall Smith, New York Times Book Review

"This little book is teeming, writhing with imagination." - Los Angeles Times

"As rigorous and imaginative as the writings of Italo Calvino and Alan Lightman, each vignette is a glimpse into an expansive topic such as time, faith or memory" - Nature

"David Eagleman's SUM envisions a multiplicity of afterlives: pasts relived in shuffle mode, cast in the dreams of others, and dictated by our credit card reports" - Vanity Fair

"Reading this beautiful book is like pulling back the fabric of reality and peeping behind -- life and death will never seem the same again." - New Scientist

"Imaginative and inventive." - Wall Street Journal

"Reading John Updike you may feel utterly incapable of coming up with such wonderful stuff yourself but, by a process of envious extrapolation, you still have a sense of how he managed to do it. Eagleman is a neuroscientist, that must have helped, but Sum has the unaccountable, jaw-dropping quality of genius." - Geoff Dyer, The Observer

"With both a childlike sense of wonder and a trenchant flair for irony, the Baylor College of Medicine neuroscientist generously offers forty variations on the theme of God and the afterlife, imagining what each of us might find when we shuffle off this mortal coil.... Sum is great fun--sort of a brainy parlor game in print--and a modest satire aimed at zealots who define heaven and God to serve their own ends." -Texas Monthly

"Wow." - The New York Observer

"Bracing, provocative, fun... it challenges and teases as it spins out different parables of possibility." - Houston Chronicle

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