"Creatively conceived and deftly described. Each tale imagines an unexpected reality that might await us, possible worlds that illuminate life with colors rarely encountered." - Brian Greene, author of The Elegant Universe

"It takes someone ridiculously smart to write something as deceptively simple as SUM." - Denver Daily News

"A small gem of a book.... Who'd have thought that a young neuroscientist would have so much story in him?" - The Globe and Mail

"A disarming, splendid little book.... Eagleman packs in an afterlife's worth of possibilities, all intriguing and extraordinarily well-written, and most tinged with a beguiling gentleness, humor and optimism.... It made my heart light" - Dallas Morning News

"Witty, bright, sharp and unexpected... as surprising a book as I've read for years." - Brian Eno

"The new God plot that's seduced top pop, literary and science figures" - The Big Issue magazine

"In Sum, Texas neuroscientist and writer David Eagleman takes the subject head on, conjuring up 40 possible versions of the afterlife.... This is a scientist and exceptionally talented writer using the idea of the afterlife to reflect on our innermost fears and desires and also as a way of dissecting how we live." - Tampa Tribune

"Imaginative riffs that are simultaneously improvisational and well-considered.... [Eagleman] doesn't intend his suggestions to be serious, but merely wants to challenge you to leave well-traveled paths of belief and think in bold, new ways." - Arizona Republic

"A neuroscientist translates lofty concepts of infinity and death into accessible human terms.... Eagleman's turned out a well-executed and thought-provoking book." - Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

"Eagleman has called himself a possibilian, and while he acknowledges that each of his tales is equally improbable, this act of imagination is so rich -- funny, touching, revelatory -- that life and death both seem wondrous." - Manhattan Users Guide

"These images of the Great Beyond are more complex, sometimes whimsical, always veering off in an unexpected direction. In total they present a realm where you are certain to learn something about the life you just left behind." -Deseret News

"SUM is an imaginative and provocative book that gives new perspectives on how to view ourselves and our place in the world." - Alan Lightman, author of Einstein's Dreams

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